Study Tour to the Ashaiman Aquaculture Demonstration Center

The PTF team embarked on a study tour to the Ashaiman Aquaculture Demonstration Centre. The objectives of the tour were for the team to explore the aquaculture production systems in Ghana, as well as understand the production dynamics in fish farming. <<Read More

Training On Appropriate Fish Handling Organized For Fish Processors

Handling fish hygienically is a process that starts after fish is captured and landed at the shore. Fish handled under unhygienic conditions is subject to microbial and chemical contamination causing illnesses related to foodborne diseases. <<Read More

A day with the )kyɛso VSLA


Meet the Ɔky3so Village Savings and Loans Association, located in the Dago community. As part of monitoring activities for the PTF Project established VSLA groups, the project team joined in their share purchase meeting. <Read More

Reminiscing on World Humanitarian Day 2021

As we observed World Humanitarian Day yesterday, with the theme “Immediate Consequence of Climate Change“, we are also reminded of the stories and struggles that lie in front of aid workers and organizations in Ghana and across the globe. <<Read More

Dago Bounces Back to Life After the Lifting of the 2021 Closed Fishing Season

With the lifting of the 2021 closed season, Dago, a fishing community along the coast of the Central Region of Ghana, is bubbly once again with commercial activity. Having been made seemingly idle with the month-long closed season, Dago is back to life. <<Read More

The Coconut Waste Project Commences Formation of Learning Groups

The Coconut Waste Project has commenced the formation of learning groups for coconut vendors within the project target areas. Learning groups have been formed for Coconut Vendors stationed within the University of Professional Studies (UPSA), Antima-Madina (Madina Zongo Junction), Oman Fm, Dome-Kissiman, Adenta, Oyarifa, and Ashaley Botwe enclaves <<Read More

PTF Project Partners with FC on Closed Season Awareness Creation

The EU-funded Power to the Fishers project partnered with the Central Regional office of the Fisheries Commission (FC) to embark on a week-long sensitization and awareness creation activities among fisherfolk in the Central Region on the upcoming 2021 closed fishing season. This was carried out from 14th to 18th June 2021 <<Read More

CERATH Development Organization Celebrates its 3RD Anniversary

CERATH Development Organization celebrated its 3rd anniversary today the 18th of June 2021. The celebration began with the singing of psalms and hymns to thank God for all the blessings the organization has chalked within the space of 3 years. <<Read More

The PTF Project Inaugurates 2 Fish Processing Centres in Senya Bereku & Winneba



The Power to the Fishers (PTF) project has inaugurated two communal fish smoking centres in the Senya Bereku and Winneba communities. The event, which was held in both communities, saw in the attendance a representative of the EU Delegation to Ghana, Executive Director of the Fisheries Commission, officials of the Ministry of Finance, and the technical assistance team (TAT) for the CSO-RISE programme. Also present were the traditional councils of both communities, fisherfolk and community members. <<Read More

The Coconut Waste Project Conducts Baseline Study in its Project Areas

To understand the project context and inform implementation, the Coconut Waste Project carried out a baseline study within its project area – the La Nkwantanang Madina Municipality and its surrounding communities. <<Read More

Empowering Women Financially Through Village Savings and Loans Association

Accelerating women’s empowerment is intricately linked to the strengthening of the socio-economic livelihood of fishing communities in the coastal savannah zones of Ghana. The PTF project offers trainings to fisherfolk, especially women fish processors, in all the coastal fishing communities of operation within the five project districts in the Central and Western regions of the country. <<Read More

CERATH Meets With CCM to Sponsor Student’s Research Work 

The EU-funded Power to the Fishers (PTF) project has established an agreement with the Centre for Coastal Management (CCM), of the University of Cape Coast, towards the enrolment of Master’s students as PTF student researchers. <<Read More.

The Coconut Waste Project Commences With Kick-Off Meetings With LANMMA

CERATH Development Organization (CDO), The Tree Crops Center (TCC), and the La Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Assembly (LaNMMA) have received funding from the European Union (EU) to implement the Coconut Waste Project. The project has a runtime of 48 months and the implementation will be led by CERATH Development Organization (CDO). <<Read More


The use of the traditional mud-built fish smoking oven poses a plethora of health and economic challenges for many fish processors in Ghana. Some adverse impacts associated with its use include poor eyesight and respiratory problems caused by frequent exposure to smoke, high consumption of fuelwood, reduced fish quality, and nutritional value due to the high level of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) contained in fish smoked with the traditional ovens <<Read More

Training on Fish Handling & Technology Adoption

Across the beneficiary districts, over 300 female fishmongers have been trained on best fish handling practices, technology adoption, and occupational safety and health (OSH) by the Power to the Fishers project. The training has equipped fishmongers with the know-how in maintaining good hygiene when handling fish and making the most out of the energy-efficient ‘Ahotor’ oven. Furthermore, the training educated recipients on the relevance of packaging and branding of their smoked fish <<Read More

The Coconut Waste Project Engages Chiefs and Elders Within the La Nkwantanang Madina Municipality

The European Union-funded Coconut Waste Project (COWAP) has engaged chiefs and elders of some communities within the La-Nkwantanang-Madina Municipality as part of the project’s community entry activities. These communities included Danfa, Adoteiman, Okataban, and Oyarifa. The team introduced the project to the chiefs and elders of the communities and highlighted the key impacts of the project. <<Read More

CDO Embarks on a Data Collection Excercise to Investigate the Social and Financial Inclusion of Fisherfolk.

The project team of the Power to the Fishers has conducted a data collection exercise to investigate the social and financial inclusion of fisherfolk. The objective was to find out the perceptions, knowledge and adoption rate of fintech and social protection services among fisherfolk << Read more

Capacity Building on VSLA for the Power to the Fishers Project Team.

CERATH Development Organization had a two-day in-house training to build the Power to the Fishers Project (PTF) project team’s capacity on Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). This was to equip the project team with the needed capacity and techniques for the formation and management of VSLAs. This contributes to the provision of social protection services (savings and credit) to beneficiaries of the PTF project.  << Read more.

The EU-funded Power to the Fishers Project donates PPEs and Relief Items to the Awutu Senya District.

Project beneficiaries (fisherfolks) in the Awutu Senya District were sensitized on the COVID19 pandemic, and measures to prevent its transmission. The project manager, Derek Adabie, led the discussion on the spread and symptoms of COVID-19, as well as its preventive measures (which include practical ways of ensuring social distancing). He further carried out demonstrations on the appropriate use of PPEs, handwashing with soap under running water, and the application of alcohol-based sanitizers. The activity ended with a donation of bags of rice, hand sanitizers, nose masks, and veronica bucket to the community. The project team with the help of community folks pasted posters of COVID-19 related information at vantage points in the community.  << Read more about this story.

Forming Learning Group for Fishmongers

The European Union-funded Power to the Fishers project constituted learning groups for fishmongers in selected coastal communities of Ghana to promote skills and technology transfer on improved smoking technologies and best fish handling practices among fishmongers <<Read More

Study Tour Organized For the Power to the Fishers Project Beneficiaries

The Power to the Fishers project, funded by the European Union, organized a study tour to the Central and Western Fishmongers Improvement Association (CEWEFIA) compliance facility. This was organized for 75 lead fishmongers, all being women, in the project’s beneficiary communities <<Read More

Children of the Landfill sites

Waste picking has been a source of livelihood for many poor people across the globe since antiquity. However, modern trends in waste picking took root during industrialization in the 19th century. Waste picking has become a popular occupation in Tamale because of the tons of waste produced every day. Waste picking provides work to the unskilled, underage, and poor. The combination of large amounts of waste and abject poverty creates the ideal condition for children to be pushed into work. Working as a waste picker comes at a cost, especially if you are a child as it stops children from attending school and deprives children of their health. It also leaves such children more vulnerable to abuse.  << Read more about children of the landfill sites