You are welcome to the official webpage of the “Talking Agribusiness in Liberia” Project.

The Talking Agribusiness in Liberia project is an agribusiness and communications-based action that seeks to disseminate information and raise awareness on the opportunities for business performance and growth, regional (trade) integration of Liberia’s agri-/food value chains. The project also seeks to facilitate the development of an improved environment for Agri-/food businesses to thrive in Liberia.

The Talking Agribusiness in Liberia project will also highlight opportunities for Liberian agribusinesses within the West Africa and Africa regions. The project activities are expected to contribute to an improved environment for agribusinesses to emerge and thrive in Liberia.

Talking Agribusiness in Liberia will conduct six (6) communications events based on selected topics aimed at creating awareness of opportunities for agribusiness in Liberia, the sub-region, and Africa. The Talking Agribusiness in Liberia Project will involve stakeholders from the private sector, public sector, and communities. Specifically, stakeholders from the private sector, including farmer cooperatives, input service providers, processors, market actors, and civil society organizations supporting agricultural value chains will be involved. The project will also target the Government of Liberia (GoL) entities dealing with food systems and agri-business/business/trade/markets- the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MOFDP), as well as other related public entities. Additionally, the Talking Agribusiness in Liberia will focus on young people who are potential actors in the food system and agri-businesses.

The Talking Agribusiness in Liberia Project, through organized communications events, will address key topics in the food systems sector of Liberia.

Topics to be addressed include Youth in agri-business, Opportunities for Liberian agribusinesses in the context of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreement, Cross-border/regional business and trade facilitation, and the requirements of major Liberian food value chains, Opportunities for agri-business performance and growth in Liberia – the role of financing, Contributions of recently concluded agribusiness and food systems related projects within the Liberian landscape, and The role of technology in enhancing Liberia’s food systems. These topics are targeted at agri-businesses, agro-technology distributors and marketers, smallholder farmers, private financial institutions, university students and youth groups, and government entities dealing with food systems and agri-businesses.

The Talking Agribusiness in Liberia will be implemented in Liberia alongside the WACOMP national programme through “The Cassava Transformation Project” (CASTRAP), Talking Agribusiness in Liberia will complement CASTRAP and broaden the scope of awareness about business growth, regional integration through trade, and improved business environment.