Study Tour Organized For the Power to the Fishers Project Beneficiaries


The Power to the Fishers project, funded by the European Union, organized a study tour to the Central and Western Fishmongers Improvement Association (CEWEFIA) compliance facility. This was organized for 75 lead fishmongers, all being women, in the project’s beneficiary communities. The learning tour was to enhance the knowledge of the women on improved smoking technologies, fish handling and hygienic practices, and appropriate packaging. With their positions as lead fishmongers, the women will serve as agents of change towards the adoption of improved smoking technologies and appropriate fish handling practices.



Adwoa Asabi, a fish processor in the Bentsir community of the Shama District, participated in the training and had this to share when the project team caught up with her some weeks after the study tour:

“Before I went for the tour, I had heard about the “Ahotor” oven but I was unfamiliar with it and therefore did not know how to use it. I now know it is safe for smoking fish since it will not give me any eye problems. This training has also afforded me knowledge on how to put in fuelwood and spread ashes on the fat collector as I prepare the oven for use. I have also learnt how maintaining good fish hygiene and using appropriate smoking technology improves the quality of the smoked fish. Now, I am confident in making more profit when I go to the market since my fish will be of much quality and healthier; using this box for packaging, I know my fish will attract elite customers”.