Reminiscing on World Humanitarian Day 2021


As we observed World Humanitarian Day yesterday, with the theme “Immediate Consequence of Climate Change”, we are also reminded of the stories and struggles that lie in front of aid workers and organizations in Ghana and across the globe.

The stories heard, the people encountered, and the smiles put on the faces of our beneficiaries tell of the hard work and effort behind the scenes. From the paths chartered and the journeys experienced, we are more resolute than ever to continue to pursue a mandate that serves folks of lesser means, education, and social standing. We rise up to the occasion – with the help of our partners, stakeholders, and funding organizations – to create lasting impact that is beneficial to our target beneficiaries.

From Winneba to Shama, our field officers have traversed weeks on end engaging folks from numerous fishing communities regarding our Power to the Fishers project and projects we are engaged in. The Coconut Waste Project in Ghana, The Cassava Transformation Project in Liberia, The Mango Processing Project, The GrEEn Project amongst others have become a channel through which we impact the lives of the rural and urban poor in Africa.

The Power to the Fishers project has been one of our earliest projects and has pumped in us much momentum to press on. Amongst its objectives is one that speaks to the adoption of improved and environmentally friendly fish processing technologies. This year’s World Humanitarian Day is a reiteration and a solemn reminder of this objective.  We have chalked many successes and we hope to write more as we reaffirm that the service to Africa never ends.

As World Humanitarian Day was observed yesterday, we like to use this as a reminder of the magnitude of work that all non-profit organizations have to do to make the world a better place. We at CERATH Development Organization will not mince words in applauding the works of our hard-working team members in Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The system we have created works because we all play our roles diligently. We shall not forget to make mention of our beneficiaries across Africa. It is because of you that our work has been more meaningful.