The EU-funded Power to the Fishers Project Participates in the 2021 Farmers’ Day Celebration


On Friday, 3rd December 2021, the Power to the Fishers project, together with the Technical Assistance Team (TAT) and grantees under the CSO-RISE programme, was present at the historic beautiful capital of the Central Region, Cape Coast, to participate in the 37th edition of the National Farmers’ Day & Exhibition.

The Farmers’ Day is observed annually, on the first Friday of December, to recognize and celebrate the hard work of Ghanaian farmers and fisherfolk, who feed the nation and, by extension, the West African sub-region and beyond.

Participation in the Farmers’ Day Celebration saw the CSO-RISE programme, along with its grantee projects, set up a joint stand at the Adisadel Park – hosting grounds for the celebration. The CSO-RISE used the occasion to communicate its priorities areas & impacts, and create visibility for the programme, grantee projects, and the funding agency. The project team further used the opportunity to disseminate communication materials, interact and network with fisherfolk, farmers, Government agencies, civil society, students, and other stakeholders.

The CSO-RISE is funded by the EU in partnership with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and seeks to contribute to inclusive growth and reduce social inequalities within Ghana. The TAT is implementing the programme on behalf of MoF. The Power to the Fishers is a grantee, alongside 3 other projects, under the CSO-RISE programme.

Kudos to our gallant farmers and fisherfolk