‘Konkohemaa’ of Mumford Visits CDO Office


Today, CERATH Development Organization (CDO) received unexpected guests from Mumford, one of the Power to the Fishers beneficiary communities. Madam Adjoa Bedu, the ‘konkohemaa’ (lead fishmonger) of Mumford, and her assistant, Madam Charity Manso, visited the CDO office in Accra.

The purpose of the visit was to express their profound gratitude and excitement to CDO, implementers of the project, and the European Union, the funding agency, on the benefits they have derived since the commencement of the PTF project. They have been part of several project activities including study tours to the CEWEFIA compliance facility, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) sensitization and registration exercise, training on improved fish handling, and enterprise development training.

Madam Adjoa Bedu and Madam Charity Manso, who are also members of a PTF-formed Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA), ‘Abotare’ VSLA did not hide their joy on the accumulated sums received at the end of the first cycle. Our guests assured the project team of Mumford community’s continued interest in the PTF project and making good of the trainings received. They mentioned sharing the best practices learned with other community members and making efforts at expanding the PTF family within Mumford.

CDO is thankful for this visit and cannot wait to host them again.