CASTRAP Supports the Renovation of Two Processing Enterprises Operating in the South East of Liberia.


In enhancing the efficiency of the main actors in the cassava value chain, the European Union-funded Cassava Transformation Project (CASTRAP) facilitated the renovation of two agro-processing enterprises in the project’s target district—Sinoe and Grand Gedeh Counties. This initiative aims to improve inputs and increase cassava value production, processing, and commercialization.

The renovation of the two agro-processing enterprise facilities responds to recommendations from a project-commissioned assessment to evaluate the technical and processing requirements of firms operating along the cassava value chain in the project landscape. Despite their apparent needs, the project team selected the Agro Green and Faith Temple businesses for immediate assistance from the numerous processing centers because they were still in operation.


As a result of their poor infrastructure, the two (2) agro-processing centers lacked a comprehensive quality management system (QMS). As part of the project’s support to the selected processing enterprises, the project team engaged the service of an engineering consultant to renovate their processing centers from March 15 to April 15, 2022. Both centers have been painted and will be commissioned in June 2022 to commence operations.

The two beneficiaries, Agro Green and Faith Temple, were delighted to receive this assistance from CASTRAP, and they worked closely together to ensure a successful renovation. Works on the facilities included reroofing, construction of reinforced furnace with proper heat-escape systems, concreting of production floors, and creation of adequate enclosures to secure the facilities from pests and theft. Both centers have been painted and will be commissioned in May 2022 to commence operations.

The project will additionally hire an expert to assist the beneficiaries in establishing a QMS, which will help them enhance their products and become more competitive in the local and national markets. The project is also developing a processing program that will provide potential processors with basic and advanced technology in the project’s landscape.