TOT Organized for the Green Entrepreneurs Program


Two (2) days of Training of Trainers (ToTs) have been organized for trainers of the Coconut Waste Project (COWAP)-Green Entrepreneurs Program (GREP). The purpose of the training was to build the capacity of trainers on a comprehensive, proven approach in conducting Basic Training, Advanced employability, and Advanced Entrepreneurship training.

The ToTs also served as a refresher training for expert trainers at CERATH Development Organization (CDO) responsible for the COWAP-GREP. The training commenced on the 9th August 2021 and ended on the 10th August 2021.

The training adopted an interactive and experiential methodology to ensure that knowledge was not only disseminated but accurately understood by the participants. The facilitators for the ToTs were two (2) internal training experts from the CDO-Training and Mentorship Team.