Power to the Fishers Project Testimonial From Comfort Dampson – a Project Beneficiary


Comfort Dampson, a 36-year-old woman and a fish processor from Woarabeba community, is a mother of two. Meeting the health needs of her children poses a considerable challenge, and this is evident in her remarks at the start of the PTF project:

“Previously, taking my children to the hospital was quite expensive because I had not signed them up for the NHIS. This bothers me anytime he falls sick because of the amount I was wont to spend on medical charges.”

From the PTF baseline, targets expressed the need for subsidised health care, which led to a series of sensitisation sessions being organised by the project in partnership with the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA). This activity was geared toward enhancing fisherfolk’s understanding of the nuances and scope of the scheme, enabling them to get enrolled. With this opportunity, Madam Comfort Dampson subscribed her children to the scheme.

The initiative has helped improve healthcare access among fisherfolk within the project communities. These are remarks from Madam Comfort:

“I can say that it has benefitted my children and me as we both have access to good health care. With our cards, we can go to the hospital at little or no charge, and I am grateful for the help CDO has offered me and others in our community.”